How We Started

Since Dr Mendelsohn first opened our doors back in 1986, we have stuck to the same core value – bringing the best personalised care to our patients.

Our skills and knowledge are continuously updated by attending courses and lectures in professional development, so that we can stay abreast with the latest scientific developments – always keeping in mind how we can serve our patients best.


We aim to listen: first to you, the owner – who is vital in supplying a history, then to your pet – who can tell us things you may not be able to. Our passion for our patients will help us to verbalise their feelings and our vets and nurses will take the time to explain everything to you.


We are proud to be part of the Durbanville community, serving our friends and neighbours, whether they have two legs or four.

Their bodies are represented as 2 arches, symbolising our focus on continuity and integrity. The jumping cat in the colour pink represents fun, compassion and warmth. The running dog in the colour green represents harmony in nature, progression and renewal. Sometimes, our logo will be on a navy blue background – representing our focus on trust, loyalty and professionalism. Our logo will also be portrayed on a white background – representing clarity, quality and efficiency.




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    Contact Information

    For after hour emergencies: Contact Panorama Veterinary Clinic on 021 930 6632