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Frequently asked questions

Firstly, congratulations! We hope to share this exciting journey with you! Most of the infectious diseases that we have that affect pets, are devastating for the young and vulnerable, so we recommend a vaccination course for both puppies and kittens starting at about 6 to 8 weeks of age. Our vets will take the time to discuss the importance of vaccination, sterilisation, microchipping and general wellness with you at the time of your pet’s first visit.
Our routine and non-emergency surgeries and procedures, like sterilisations, castrations, growth removals, dental procedures and x-rays, are done every weekday. Every patient is examined by a veterinarian on admission before their operation. All our vets get time in theatre to look after their own patients – remember to ask when it is your vet of choice’s turn! We also do more advanced procedures, like orthopaedic surgeries (i.e. bones & joints), ultrasonography and abdominal surgeries as they are indicated. We work closely with some of the specialist veterinarians in South Africa to ensure that you and your pet always have the best options available and we are happy to facilitate a referral when needed.
Every year thousands of unwanted dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, are needlessly destroyed. The good news is that every pet owner can make a difference. By having your dog or cat surgically sterilised, you will do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens and you will enhance your pet’s health and quality of life. Although a dog or cat can be surgically sterilised at almost any age, we generally recommend from 4 months of age for cats and 6 months of age for dogs.
Dogs and cats live much longer on average these days than in the past. Broken or rotten teeth can severely impact their quality of life and it is therefore important to look after their dental health from a young age. Dental care starts with daily tooth brushing at home and our staff are happy to discuss products that can aid in getting your pet to accept them. When our pets’ teeth are dirty, they may need a professional cleaning – just like us! Unfortunately, they don’t accept the dental chair as easily as we do, so the procedure involves a full general anaesthetic. Our patients are often elderly and we always take the greatest care to ensure their safety. Once they are asleep, we commonly find major issues that were not evident on the conscious clinical examination – teeth that may need extraction or specific treatment. This unfortunately adds to the price of the procedure, which is why routine dental treatment for your pet is sometimes more expensive than ours.
As veterinarians, we have a duty to ensure that our patients are always looked after, so when our vets get their well-deserved break from their busy workdays, we recommend the 24 hour service provided by Panorama Veterinary Clinic & Specialist Centre. They have dedicated emergency veterinarians on duty all through the night. If you get a chance, call them in advance so they can be ready for your arrival; their telephone number is 021 930 6632. We are open on weekends, please take note of our hours and remember that surcharges are applicable on Sundays and public holidays.
We understand the urge to google for answers first, but please be careful medicating your beloved pets at home. Many medications that we use can indeed be used on animals, but the doses are often vastly different than what we as humans use. Dogs and cats react in very different ways to human medications and we always take their relative small size into account as well. If you are really stuck, rather phone your nearest vet or emergency clinic for advice!
As we are not a registered financial services provider, we do not offer an account service. However, we have partnered with Mediwallet, a medical credit account that can cover your pet’s medical expenses. We also accept all major credit and debit cards.
Several companies provide short term insurance options for pets, some include general wellness, some only illness or accident cover. We recommend getting pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy and before there are any pre-existing conditions that may be excluded from cover when you may need it.